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HTC Vive support only.


1. Please seat yourself and press Grip Button on the Left Controller to calibrate the camera.

2. Press Grip Button on the Right Controller to switch between Driver's View and

3rd person View.

3. Touch the Gear to switch between two control modes.

Mode A:

Gas: R_Trigger

Break: L_Trigger

Handbreak: L_TouchPad

Steering: Tilt Left and Right

Mode B:

Gas and Break: Tilt Forward and Backward

Handbreak: L_TouchPad

Steering: Tilt Left and Right

4. Put your hands on the Steering Wheel.

5. Before you hit the gas, remember you can Restart by pressing Menu button.

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Published102 days ago
TagsRacing, Virtual Reality
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Make sure the SteamVR is running.

Unzip the zip file and run the .exe


UnrealRacerBuild.zip (163 MB)