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This game is a troll. You cant play the game in vr but only M+K and it gets on my nerves. Oh and BTW developer, Alt+F4 is to close it not change it!


can you try making a non vr version some time

how is there motion blur on vr or is that just for the trailer cuz im sure theres no ability for motion blur for a vr game even on UE4


Will there ever be a Vive support?

Can't wait to try it on my vive!

I have a question. Can i play this without a VR headset? :D


Hi, this is actually a very old version of the game. We've on Greenlight now:

However you must have a Vive to play the new version.

Is there a keyboard and mouse version? :)

Well, you can't dual wielding and slash freely in 3D world using only mouse and keyboard. Even if we made a keyboard and mouse version, it would lost most of the fun.